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A full range of aerospace solutions from integrated C5ISR to specialized rotary wing training to special mobility logistics.

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Headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK and Tampa, FL, Meta Special Aerospace (MSA) operates globally and provides a full range of aerospace solutions out of three divisions:

  • Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
  • Vertical Applications
  • Special Mobility


Meta offers a deep stack of airborne capabilities and services from a wide range of domains and mission themes, allowing our customers and partners to anticipate, secure, and defend their interests in a rapidly-evolving world.


Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

MSA/ISR delivers integrated, turnkey Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (AISR) solutions to our defense partners – from design and integration, to sustainment and modification, to maintenance and logistics support, and collection and dissemination – in austere expeditionary environments.

  • – Fleet of 14 King-Air B200/B350s, 1 Bombardier CL-600-2B16 (605), and 1 CanadAir CL-600-2B16 (604) equipped with industry-leading technology including FMV, SIGINT, LOS, BLOS, and other proprietary systems
  • – Proprietary KA350 maximum endurance system provides 11+ hour endurance and 35% greater on-station coverage than stock 350ER
  • – Over 7,000 missions flown, spanning over 100,000 mishap-free flight hours
  • – Secure and accredited aircraft hangars and classrooms located in Oklahoma City, OK and Wilmington, NC
  • – Deployed highly experienced former military pilots, ISR sensor operators, and specialized maintenance teams to austere, remote worldwide locations

Vertical Applications

MSA Vertical Applications (MSA/VA) is the premier provider of special operations aviation training, with more than 16 years of experience providing knowledge-based training to the U.S. DoD and its allies.

Our instructors are experts in special mission aviation tasks and integrated air-ground-maritime planning and execution. We take the best-practices of Special Operations Aviation and the latest tactics, techniques, and procedures to help aviation users build and sustain advanced capabilities. Our organizational culture prioritizes safety, innovation, quality, and efficiency with responsive and flexible support.

  • – Active Safety and Standardization program with ISO 9001: 2015 and AS 9100: 2016 certified Qualified Management System
  • – Extensive experience with the U.S. National Guard, DoS, FBI, NATO, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Croatia, Lebanon, and many more around the world
  • – Aviation academic courses in air planning, advanced mission planning, air/ground integration, and more

Special Mobility

MSA Special Mobility (MSA/SPM) provides airborne logistics support and on-demand air charter & transport services to a wide range of global customers. We offer custom, discrete, convenient, and reliable options to meet our partner’s mission needs in the air and on the ground. MSA/SPM can provide mission logistics support and air transportation services both in the United states and internationally.

MSA/SPM is built to provide rapid, custom, and reliable airborne logistics and transportation services.

Services and Capabilities

Meta Special Aerospace’s integrated solutions are the product of our deep stack of aerospace solutions and related design, acquisition, engineering, training, operations, and exploitation services offered to our customers in either integrated packages or as standalone services.

Level 0 - Design and Architect

Solution Architecture

Airborne ISR

We analyze our customers’ desired effects to derive concepts of operations, technical requirements, and precise solutions specifications for cutting-edge airborne ISR.

Advanced Tactical Helicopter Training

We also knowledge-based training, utilizing more than 16 years of experience of special operations aviation. With an emphasis on safety and quality management, Meta crafts a customizable training solution for our partner’s direct needs.

  • Proven aircraft, sensor, and communication integration concepts and design
  • Concept development and deployment planning to optimize deployment of airborne ISR systems
  • Technical analysis and selection of multi-sensor systems to satisfy the most difficult collection requirements
  • Collection management planning and operational design
  • Development of Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (PED) systems supporting ISR operations

Level 1 - Acquire and Manage

Acquisition and Program Management

We combine our deep finance expertise with our industry-seasoned program management personnel to provide our customers with full-service military aircraft acquisition, modification, integration, and operations support.

  • International and domestic acquisition structuring, financing, certification, and logistics support
  • Qualified personnel with Project Management Institute (PMI) Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) and Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications
  • Successfully acquired and modified a fleet of King Air aircraft from the Royal Australian Air Force for our defense customers

Level 2 - Build & Engineer

Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO)

We engineer and build airborne ISR platforms through our Engineering and Tech Services teams inside Meta Aviation Services.

  • FAA Part 145 repair station specializing medium turboprop and jet aircraft – including Beechcraft King Air Series, B1900, Dash 8 Series, Gulfstream G Series, Cessna Citation, Learjet, and Dassault Falcon – services including inspection, scheduled maintenance and systems integration
  • Provide custom-designed aircraft performance STC applications for fuel efficiency, gross weight increase, payload provisions, custom tire modifications, and light weight interior modifications
  • Upgrade or replace existing avionics systems to include installation of laser wire harness identification
  • Service and deliver aircraft internationally to include Australia, Canada, Central and South America, Mexico, and Western Europe
  • AS9110C certification
  • Depot-level and heavy repair MRO capabilities
  • ISO 9001:2015 quality certification
  • Full service FBO based at Wiley Post Airport (KPWA) in OKC
  • Comprehensive parts chain for commercial and defense programs (DCMA certified)

Level 3 - Train & Exercise

Exercise and Training Support

Airborne ISR

We offer advanced ISR support tailored to meet our partners’ specific exercise and training requirements. Our team of expert pilots and sensor operators conduct real-world scenarios – whether it’s in the classroom, on land, or in the air – to ensure our partners in the field will be fully mission-capable.

Advanced Tactical Helicopter Training

Meta provides needs-driven, standards-based flight training to a global client base, in both U.S. and foreign-owned aircraft. Meta brings the training directly to our partners, crafting turnkey solutions to save partners valuable resources.

  • Pilots and sensor operators with extensive close air support (CAS) and Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) backgrounds provide a customized training experience, meeting JTAC Memorandum of Agreement requirements
  • Customizable, multi-discipline course offerings in addition to our intelligence operator courses
  • Fixed site and mobile training offerings available

Our Advanced tactical helicopter training includes:

  • Initial Aircraft Qualification
  • Mission/Design/Series Qualification
  • Night Vision Goggle Qualification (Pilot and Instructor Pilot-Levels)
  • Basic and Advanced Tactical Training
  • Environmental Training
  • Aviation Gunnery Training
  • Forward Arming and Refueling
  • Aerial Law Enforcement Training
  • Search and Rescue Training

Level 4 - Operate & Sustain

Airborne ISR

We deliver integrated, turnkey airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (AISR) solutions to our defense partners – from design and integration, to sustainment and modification, to maintenance and logistics support, and collection and dissemination – in austere expeditionary environments.

Advanced Tactical Helicopter Training

Meta brings deep expertise in maintaining and operating a wide variety of rotary wing platforms in developed or austere locations.

Special Mobility

We take on the details and logistics to ensure mission success, wherever our partners are going. Our team of experts is well-equipped to rapidly respond to any situation, delivering world-class logistics support.

Level 5 - Affect & Evolve

Advanced Payloads and Deliverables (AP&D)

With our deep roots in the special operations community, and through our extensive PED services, we analyze, test, integrate, and deliver actionable data to our SOF customers to meet our customers’ greatest technical challenges. We focus on incorporating versatile, modular, and cost-effective systems that rely on open architecture and scalable technologies.

  • Research, development, and operational testing of cutting edge tactics, techniques, and procedures in support of current technology and future technological capabilities.
  • Expertise to gather, process, exploit and disseminate collected information rapidly for actionable intelligence; an important piece to the Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze and Disseminate (F3EAD) cycle.
  • Active partnerships with ISR sensor, communications, and application developers to ensure a leading edge on concepts and technology development
  • Highly experienced Technical Services Group specializing in aircraft modifications, certification, mission system integration, and studies and analysis
  • Integration of multiple intelligence sensors to include a combination of EO/IR, SAR, WAMI, Maritime Radar, SIGINT and others.
  • A ready fleet of ISR R&D platforms that enable test and evaluation in realistic, complex environments
  • Direct access to GSA Schedule 66


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Our History

Meta Special Aerospace and its subsidiaries previously operated as Commuter Air Technology (CAT), Valair, Alpha28, and Mission Transportation.


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