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Meta Mission Data brings innovative electromagnetic solutions to the integration, exploitation and assurance of operational data in Electronic Warfare (EW), Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), and Tactical Data Links (TDL).

Tactical Data Links (TDL)

We provide government and business customers with the tailored TDL solutions that optimize their systems. Our focus is on the integration, test, and readiness of TDL capability at the terminal, platform, and network level. We recognize the challenges brought by new crypto, frequency re-mapping, and enhanced throughput requirements through Link 16 Modernization and the rapid expansion of Multi-TDLs across Land, Sea, Air and Space. In response, our solutions include the TDL Application Suite, SPECTRAL, which includes our terminal-agnostic software interface Spectral IO, our bespoke test and readiness service, KILTER, and our Multi-TDL Planning Tool, TACPLAN. All reduce the integration risks and support multi-domain C2 and Communications concepts that maximize situational awareness.

EW Data Analytics

Our team of software engineers work with defense customers to develop solutions for the ingest, correlation, and visualization of large volumes of EW data. With expansion in requirements, data sources, and the number and type of interfaces, we are constantly striving to match our solutions to the specific operational needs of our customers. We support the UK MOD and Government with the MOONLIGHT and Maritime Domain Awareness software systems to bring the latest AI and ML techniques to the bulk data challenge. These solutions include company investment in R&D and collaborations with partners to look ahead to next generation systems and capabilities that will be entirely dependent on electromagnetic mission data.


For global customers, we continue to provide integrated ISR training, emulation, and operational services, from desktop scenarios to live manned and unmanned missions. The sensing, dissemination, and exploitation of information and intelligence is at the core of our solutions. For the UK MOD in Kenya, we have supported British Army training with airborne ISR and Close Air Support emulation for many years. Whilst in Saudi Arabia, our turnkey DA-42 service with LIDAR has provided the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology with contracted environmental survey and remote sensing. In all our ISR solutions, we seek to deliver capability outcomes, not platform hours. Our relationships with equipment suppliers and our access to complementary services across the Meta enterprise create exceptional ISR choices for our services.


An increasing global dependency on space makes it essential for us to consider space-based outputs and benefits in all of our solution concepts and design. The ubiquity and persistence that Space offers can overcome the constraints of the modern electromagnetic battlefield and create pathways and perspectives that far exceed those in the traditional operating environments. We are Tier 1 partners in the UK MoD’s core Space R&D framework SERAPIS, looking at the concepts, technology and architectures that will harness the power of new payloads, communication links and Space derived data in defense and security programs.

Mission Assurance

Our deep understanding of the cyber and information exchange vulnerabilities in connected sensors, platforms, and systems allows us to shape the design of new capabilities, as well as assess the operational risks and resilience of in-service equipment. Increasingly sophisticated threats and attack vectors will inevitably penetrate defenses and we work with our customers to help them understand the impact of risks and threats on their business and operational outcomes and design in the maneuver options that provide mission assurance. Working as the UK MOD’s Operational Delivery Specialist partner, our mission assurance experts have helped develop the methodology for cyber vulnerability investigation and we continue to manage the suppliers and the outputs from the UK’s extensive assessment program.

Services and Capabilities

Meta Mission Data combines some of the most unique technical capability sets in C4ISR with significant operational expertise across the electromagnetic spectrum, creating integrated services that exemplify the digital system design, exploitation, and assurance inherent in our solutions.

Level 0 - Design & Architect

Operational Systems Architectures

Our analysis, assessment and imaginative front-end solution development is backed by deep architectural understanding of user and system requirements. Our design services combine extensive operational insights with the digital technologies and automated data interactions to drive ‘machine-speed’ mission effects throughout the electromagnetic domain.

  • ISR systems designed for rapid data exploitation and dissemination, within each mission context
  • Digital-twin network architectures for multi-domain TDL planning, testing, and operations
  • Software interface development for seamless EW data exchange and correlation between collaborative systems
  • Technical requirements support for the digital exploitation of data for Space-based ISR and Space Situational Awareness
  • Security architecture modeling to help identify and maneuver around threats inside systems

Level 1 - Acquire & Manage

Procurement Management

Our team has considerable expertise in acquisition processes across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and the US, and we work extensively with government and business clients on the procurement and management into service of digital C4ISR systems and components.

  • Acquisition of air platforms, sensors, TDL terminals, comms systems and support services
  • Management expertise in ITAR and export controls
  • Proven credentials with capability integration and acceptance – bringing coherence across equipment, people, information, training, interoperability and support in complex programs

Level 2 - Build & Engineer

Applications Engineering

Our software and systems engineers build applications to allow legacy C4ISR host systems to communicate with new terminals or digital networks via translators and gateways. The aim is to reduce costs and integration risks and ensure interoperability between operational data exchange systems.

  • Provides alternatives to contracting for the development of new interfaces to match legacy interfaces
  • De-risks integration and testing of separate host-terminal interface solutions for each individual platform type
  • Build and Engineer approach utilizes data-driven, software-defined digital technologies created in agile dev ops environments

Level 3 - Train & Exercise

Live and Synthetic Training Support

For many years we have supported the UK MOD and international customers with training services that range from live-fly emulation to low-cost simulation and app-based learning in direct support of the C4ISR systems and solutions we deliver. Training is an embedded element of all our solutions, where we look to transfer knowledge, skills and operating procedures to operational users.

  • Platform and sensor operational training to extract maximum performance
  • Full ISR and Digital Close Air Support immersive wrap around live and synthetic training services
  • Blended tech-enhanced learning for concepts and mission development – using proprietary applications

Level 4 - Operate & Sustain

Multi Spectrum Operations

Our managed software services and Contracted ISR solutions directly support operational users on the front-line. Working in partnership with government and business customers, we take responsibility and risk for mission outcomes and effects, creating capacity for our customers to focus on core proprietary tasks.

  • EW system management of automated analytical processes to provide situational awareness and early warning indicators
  • Global deployments of ISR sensor, intelligence analyst and platform operators for surveillance and data exploitation
  • Contracted turnkey MRO services utilizing trusted suppliers

Level 5 - Apply & Evolve

Digital Transformation

Technology refresh and insertion, agile software development and the application of new concepts and ways of working are all baked into our services. We use modeling and simulation and digital twins to create the dev ops environment that keeps our services fresh.

  • Use of AI and ML to continuously improve digital services in sensors and software
  • Leverage from partnered R&D with government and business customers to innovate and adapt
  • Significant PV investment in future concepts and technology to inform our solutions


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Spectral Test - Complete TDL Test, Evaluation, Verification & Validation Service

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