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Through our wide-ranging expertise in engineering, rendering, and AI, Meta Immersive Synthetics provides unique solutions for military simulation.

The NOR Platform

Introduced at I/ITSEC 2021, the NOR platform brings the cutting edge technology and accessibility of commercial gaming engines to the high-end military training and simulation market.

Meta Immersive Synthetics combined the stunning visuals of the Unreal Engine with a proprietary physics-based model of the world, creating NOR – an ultimate fidelity simulation platform that can be used to simulate, train, or model anything across air, land, sea, space, and the electromagnetic spectrum.

Learn more about the NOR platform.

Services and Capabilities

We apply modern development methodologies to integrate design, development and operation to create solutions capable of evolving rapidly in concert with emerging technology.

Level 0 [Design and Architect] through Level 4 [Operate and Sustain]

Simulation Platform Development

Cutting edge, ultimate-fidelity simulation requires the best possible development platform. That’s why we built the NOR platform — to deliver a flexible, seamless, virtual-reality based platform and all related services. AI, rendering, analytics, and entity simulations are seamlessly integrated through a modern platform architecture. Together, they yield a capable and immersive world simulation, shortening development times while increasing fidelity and immersion.

  • High-fidelity aircraft simulation
  • High-fidelity flight modeling
  • Advanced sensor simulation (IR, EM, EO)
  • Propulsion, hydraulic, electrical systems simulation
  • Ground and airborne weapons simulation

Rendering and Analytics

With our vast experience in flight modeling, systems engineering, and rendering, we are able to deliver effective, cost-conscious aircraft simulations for our partners. Platform agnostic emulation and recreation of aircraft systems, flight characteristics, and aircraft rendering form an effective tool for flight training, analytics, and AI training.

  • Machine learning based data analysis
  • Imagery and simulation data generation
  • Tactical and strategic data analysis
  • Aircraft design analytics

Digital Reconstruction

We build industry-leading, realistic, immersive, and strikingly accurate digital recreations of aircraft, cockpits, vehicles, and other entities for simulation, analysis, training, and industrial design. Digitally reconstructed assets are validated through photogrammetric and laser scanning and built to rigorous standards.

  • Accurate renditions of aircraft, cockpits, vehicles
  • Scanning (photogrammetry, laser)
  • World and entity rendering
  • Industrial design and prototyping

Artificial Intelligence

We develop and integrate advanced artificial intelligence solutions, including tactical and strategic multi-domain AI, AI-based data analytics, and aircraft crew simulations.

  • Tactical and strategic AI simulation
  • Aircraft crew AI & simulation
  • Human factors analysis and simulation
  • Machine learning data analytics




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