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Leading communication and electronic warfare technologies and applications. 

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Meta Advanced Signals generates game-changing electromagnetic technology, designing and building both hardware and software for inclusion in communication (COM) and electronic warfare (EW) solutions for our defense partners.

High-Frequency (HF) Electronic Warfare (EW)

We combine Corsair, our high frequency (HF) electronic warfare receiver with specialized software to provide our customers with a complete solution for the detection and location of HF threats. Deployed by the DoD and our SOF customers, Corsair provides both a strategic and tactical capability, at a very low size, weight and power (SWaP) package. Corsair supports a family of antenna structures for fixed-site, vehicular, mobile, maritime, and manpack deployments.

High-Frequency (HF) Communication (COM)

We are experts in High Frequency (HF) communication solutions for DoD customers. We build solutions that employ the latest software-defined radio (SDR) technology with custom Radio Frequency (RF) front ends, proprietary wideband HF modems, and HF networking technology. We have developed novel techniques that provide “cognitive” link establishment and can incorporate some of our SIGINT techniques. These solutions are among the lowest SWaP and offer interoperability with existing military equipment.

Active Antenna Arrays

Focused on supporting our SOF customers’ tactical communications and EW missions, we specialize in active antenna arrays – with superior SWaP for any mobile platform – providing direction finding (DF) as well as geolocation (using fusion) capabilities through a single node.

Services and Capabilities

Meta Advanced Signals’ services combine the field connectivity afforded to us by the wider Meta enterprise, with an in-house engineering pool that fuses unique design and build capabilities for waveform, algorithm, antenna, and transmitter/receiver development.

Level 2 - Build & Engineer

Software and Hardware Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing

We prototype and engineer new capabilities for antennas, signal processing, embedded firmware, and software design, and manufacture high frequency (HF) electronic warfare (EW) receivers and high frequency (HF) communication (COM) transceivers.

  • Military radio industry experts holding numerous patents
  • Numerous US Army radio and EW contract licenses
  • Program of Record with SOCOM and USMC
  • COM technology that reduces the ability of a threat to detect and locate radio transmitters
  • EW technology that improves the ability to detect and locate enemy radios
  • Over 50 years of expertise in military COM and EW
  • 7,000 square feet of office and lab space, and 7,100 square feet of manufacturing and assembly space
  • Principal architects of a Program of Record next generation SIGINT receiver
  • Algorithms used in U.S. Army Prophet program

Customers and Partners

Our History

Meta Advanced Signals previously operated as Entropix LLC.




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