What makes meta different?

Meta creates a purposeful cycle of innovation, testing, and refinement.  We embrace this adaptive model because it makes us better designers, better partners, and better stewards in a constantly evolving world.  Despite our unique congregation of talent, we know there are ample ways to continue to grow, to think, and to test in order to adapt to the ever changing landscape of the future.

Meta Ethos

Total Honesty

Always, wholly, and absolutely truthful, transparent, intellectually honest, unfiltered and reflective.

Uncompromising Quality

We love what we do and care about creating with a quality that stands out, and stands the test of time.

Seeking Elegance

We constantly seek clarity, simplicity, purity, utility, effectiveness and efficiency in every endeavor.

Courage in our Conduct

We say what’s on our mind, speak up for what’s right, and take risks we are prepared for to support our teammates and partners.

Rooted in Humility

Modest, unassuming, quiet professionals that understand how high the stack of things more important than our own self is.

Proactive Consistency

We consistently lead with our ethos, and do not tailor our behaviors in response to others.

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