Effects as a service

An integrated provider of defense and security effects,
spanning missions and domains.

About Meta

Airborne ISR leader

Designing, developing, and deploying cutting edge ISR technology and mission expertise.

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Skin in the game

Meta provides agile defense capacity and game-changing capability not at our customer’s risk, but at our own.

About Meta

Spectrum innovators

Game-changing electronic warfare and communications solutions.

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Omni-condition, omni-present ISR

Defining the state-of-the-art in space-based radar imaging technologies.

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Shifting the simulation paradigm

Game-changing simulation technologies leading to unmatched levels of immersion and fidelity.

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We offer turnkey, cutting-edge solutions by combining a full stack of defense assets and capabilities – all designed for effect.


Leading special mission aviation capabilities,
including leading intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) services, and air-to-air refueling (AAR) services.

Meta Special Aerospace Meta Strategic Mobility


Cutting-edge electromagnetic technologies and applications across electronic communications, command & control and electronic warfare disciplines.

Meta Mission Data Meta Advanced Signals Meta Spectrum Operations


Highly advanced, space-based capability stacks, with an emphasis on orbital C4ISR.

Meta Orbital Effects


Ultimate-fidelity simulation technologies, and multi-domain mission data solutions.

Meta Immersive Synthetics

At Meta

We are built on the premise that providing effective, efficient, and enduring defense solutions relies on a simple concept: having skin in the game.

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